Cyanide Droplets.

Kayde, twenty-two. Though dragged through the mudane of this world I strive to find my own reality, even when they're based in dreams&novels. I'll always hold onto my one true dream come true, my Zackery.

Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God himself… They made their own choice. They chose family.

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Prompt from anon:

Challenge: Make a gif set of Sam having an emotional discussion about something that should not be emotional.”

Sing with me!

♫ I love you 

♫ you love me 

♫ hunters is what we will be 

♫ with a stab and some salt and a bit of latin verse 

♫ we’ll cure them of this foul curse 



Happy Anniversary Supernatural.

Thanks to every single person of cast and crew that with love,devotion and passion make us PROUD of this amazing armor for life.

With all my love..

I’m Proud of YOU.